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Build Your Dreams,
or  someone will hire you
to build theirs.”
                      –  Farrah Gray

About Be Free For Good LLC

The concept for our company started with a dream. In the dream, founder Inzlea Smith-Mcglockton was traveling through a dark underground cave. Uncertain if she was going in the right direction,  she continued walking, feeling her way through the darkness until she was free. Imagine emerging from total darkness, and suddenly – all at once you are looking at the prettiest sky that connects with the most gorgeous beach front imaginable. As the fresh sea breeze blows across her face, she hears the words, “Be Free For Good.”

In that moment our founder affirmed she had been given the mission of helping people obtain that feeling she had experienced when she walked out on that beach and felt overwhelming freedom. Not sure, how she was going to do this, she shared her dream with others, gained additional insight, and the pathway became clear. She developed a deep sense of commitment to help others build their spirit, their mind, and their body.

So, in 2015, our Founder created what was Be Free For Good Gatherings. The gatherings are live seminar workshops designed to help people obtain information, spanning a multitude of topics.

In 2016, another path to helping people emerged. This made her have to pull on old skills she had obtained while being a consultant at the Department of Juvenile Justice for the State of Florida. Many of the people needed more than her seminars and workshops, they needed coaching. At this point, real professional development products were created in the form of eLearning courses. Over time it became clear she needed to provide life coaching. Throughout the years Be Free For Good, LLC have listened to our clients needs. Now all these services are a part of our professional development firm.  We look forward to serving you.

The Be Free For Good Team

Inzlea Smith-McGlockton

Ronnal McGlockton

Ain’t retirement great? Everyone should try it, at least once.

Tiana McGlockton-Boyd

Eric Smith