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It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out nor more doubtful of success nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things.            


Improve Career Fitness, with powerful interpersonal skill training.

Empowering Career Excellence

Be Free For Good Academy (BFFGA) is a national training company which focus on non-formal education!

Non-formal education  is an organized education process which takes place alongside the mainstream systems of education.

Be Free For Good Academy courses improve soft skills, career success, professional
development, spiritual motivation and are accessible online day or night making them time and cost saving.

The BFFGA team has built it’s courses  to strengthen career fitness and to make it’s students employability clear to employers.

The skills taught can be used immediately.

“A fit spirit, mind, and body makes good success a great treasure.”

Best Career Strength Booster

BFFG Academy helps employees, companies and organizations increase their productivity by targeting the following areas:

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